List items

Lists are very useful. Ours are clear, concise, legible and easy to read.



A standard list can be text-based only, or with accompanying customised icons.


A subtitled list is multi-lined. Text-based only, or with accompanying customised icons.

Empty list items

If there are no items in a list or similar area where items would normally appear, placeholder text may help people understand what is going on. For example, the results area for an unsuccessful search might have placeholder text saying “No results”.

To avoid the area looking bereft, use placeholder text only if people might actually be unsure of what’s going on without it (for example, unsure whether a search has actually finished). If it is also unclear how to change the situation, add secondary text with advice about how to do that. Weigh its helpfulness against its elegance: the more often the situation happens, and the longer the advice is, the more grating it will become.

Placeholder text should be horizontally and vertically centered in the area, and 50% opaque if practical. The primary text should be a heading (sentence case, no ending punctuation) in the Large size. The secondary text, if any, should be a sentence or two in the Normal size. Be brief.

Associated global patterns
List view