Frequently asked questions

It’s great to see all the active conversation about these guides on Google+, our mailing list and askubuntu.

We thought it might be useful to pull together the most frequently asked questions. Here they are.

How responsive are these patterns?

Ubuntu runs on a range of devices, and will have just one set of app design guides. That said, these guides are still in their infancy so bear with us while we update them and include more cross platform guidance.

Is that how I go back?

With the Page Stack, you always have to bring up the toolbar first to go back. We are working on a solution that makes sure the back is easily (and quickly) accessible.

Why does this illustration look different?

This site is a work in progress therefore patterns and building blocks are at different stages of design.

This is a wireframe

It represents a concept or idea. At this stage we are still exploring variations.

This is a mockup

The screen has now been visually designed. It is in the process of being built and tested, so it’s not in the SDK yet.

This is a detailed illustration


We have already implemented the design and any corresponding development API is provided.