UI model

We want people to be able to quickly access their content and move between their apps. That’s why we use natural swiping gestures from the edges of the screen.






Indicators and Menu bar

The menu bar holds the system status icons – time and date, volume, network, messaging and battery. These setting indicators can be accessed directly from the top edge.

Return to previous app

A swipe from the right edge of the phone takes you back to the last app you were using. Another swipe takes you back to the application you used before that.

Side stage

A swipe from the right edge of the tablet pulls in a second app on the side stage; overlaying or splitting the screen. It is available in both device orientations, always on the right hand side, and has a fixed width.

Repeating a swipe from right hand side edge returns to the previous app running in the side stage.


Swiping up from the bottom edge of the phone reveals app controls. You can hide or reveal them instantly, which means they don’t take up room on the screen.

Launcher and Dash app lens

A short swipe from the left edge of the screen reveals your favourite apps. A full left-to-right swipe reveals a screen showing all your running apps.