App Design Guides

The Ubuntu OpenType font has been carefully designed to provide the best experience and legibility on screen.


You can download the font family and experiment with different types.

Ubuntu Font Family

The scope of our Ubuntu Font Family includes all languages from around the world, which is in tune with our philosophy that states that every user should be able to use our software in the language of their choice.

To create a consistency across the user-interface that continues our Suru design, we have a few pointers for you to consider on how to incorporate it when creating your app.



  • Light weight is the primary weight for headers and body text.
  • Medium should be used to emphasize one or two words to highlight an action, such as a warning in an alert box.


  • We recommend you don’t use italics in the UI as it looks feeble, and affects readability.
  • Instead of bold we use medium.