Ubuntu font family

The Ubuntu font has been carefully designed, hinted and kerned to provide the best experience and legibility on screen.

For more information about the Ubuntu font family, visit font.ubuntu.com.

Body copy

Text is set in Ubuntu.

The default <body> and <p> font-size is 16px with a line-height of 1.5.


Use <strong> to emphasise a snippet of text with a heavier font-weight. For example:

Ubuntu is free.


Ubuntu is <strong>free</strong>.


This is the typographic scale that should be used on all *.ubuntu.com websites.

h1. Ubuntu Light 45px

h2. Ubuntu Light 32px

h3. Ubuntu Light 23px

h4. Ubuntu Light 20px

h5. Ubuntu Regular Bold 16px

h6. Ubuntu Regular Bold All Caps 13px

Note: Even if you are using relative units to set your type on the web, you should still follow these typographic scales. For example, if your body element is set to have a font size of 62.5%, and your h5 a font size of 1.2em, the computed value of the h5 font size is still going to be 16px.

Google Fonts API

You can use the Ubuntu font family via the Google Font API. The Google Font API is a cross-browser system that allows you to embed fonts on your sites without having to worry about what fonts your visitors have installed locally.