Charts and diagrams

Charts and diagrams are a great way to present complex information in a clear way. Our charts and diagrams make full use of our dot-pattern textures and our colour palette.

When creating diagrams, use either the widely or tightly spaced dots as a background grid. The tightly spaced dots are used to define the top and bottom of the diagram along with creating a title bar and section breaks within the diagram.

Diagram using a developer dots background

More about the colour palette

Keylines and graphic accents

Chart keylines

The tightly spaced dots are used for chart keylines.

The height and width of rows and columns within a chart must be in increments of 1mm to allow the dots to align horizontally and vertically.

Dots as keylines

General tips

Don’t overcrowd the chart or diagram. Think about what you need to say and be selective about the information you need to communicate.

Use the correct typeface and colour palette. Use the audience spectrum to identify the colours you should be using.


  1. Where does the piece of work fit on the audience spectrum?
  2. Am I using the correct colour palette?
  3. Are the charts and diagrams consistent?
  4. Am I using the correct font?
  5. Am I using the correct version of the brandmark?
  6. Am I using the correct tone of voice?