Photography examples

Photography is a good way to help us contextualise and humanise content. We use ‘product’ photography and ‘people’ photography. We’re more likely to use ‘product’ photography in relation to Ubuntu and ‘people’ photography in relation to Canonical.

Our photography uses an aubergine duotone effect.

How to photograph people

We have explored a natural photographic style, a more reportage feel rather than staged. In these examples we worked with our people at Canonical in the office to demonstrate what can be done.

The style focuses on the individual person/people or item and having a short depth of field (a small depth of field is more effective, emphasising the subject while deemphasising the foreground and background).

Photographic style

Our photographic style should, wherever possible, reflect our brand values: freedom, collaboration, reliability, precision.

Our style is free and natural, focused and precise.

When briefing photography we will define the audience so that the content will represent either Consumer or Enterprise.

General tips

  • We use duotone and tritone image treatments with colours taken from our palette.
  • We can artificially highlight part of an image with orange or aubergine.
  • When signalling community involvement, we use an orange-and-black duotone.
  • When signalling Canonical involvement, we use an aubergine-and-black duotone.
  • In both cases, we can accent, or highlight, a portion of the image using either orange or one of the lighter shades of aubergine.
  • We can add a dot-pattern flourish to signal Canonical ownership and re-enforce the brand.
  • Text on photographs should be white, either directly on the darker portion of the image, or on a dark swatch of colour placed on to the image.

Colour treatment

Photography colours based on the voice slider
Learn more about the voice slider.


Photography Community
Full colour photography should be used.

A mix of community and Canonical

Photography Mix of Community and Canonical
A combination of aubergine duotone and full colour should be used.


Photography Canonical
Duotone of black and Canonical Aubergine should be used.
Photography Canonical with Ubuntu elements
A hint of Ubuntu orange should also be used if the communication features an Ubuntu product.