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Welcome to
Canonical Design

Our brand

The Canonical and Ubuntu Brand Guidelines exist so we can all communicate Ubuntu with the same precision we use to make it.

Canonical and Ubuntu

Our brand is based on four core values: freedom, reliability, precision and collaboration.


Download the official logos for all of Canonical's products.

Vanilla Framework

Vanilla is our lightweight, composable and open-source component library. It contains a responsive CSS grid, basic style for HTML elements and a selection of key useful patterns and utility classes that you can extend.

Vanilla contains useful patterns and utility classes that you can extend.

Learn how to use our CSS framework to start building your project.

Accessibility at Canonical

At Canonical we want to be inclusive, that is why we aim to comply with the AA level Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Learn about how accessibility fits in our day-to-day work

Design resources

On this page you will find everything you need to design and build with our design system, including our Figma component library, our icon library and the Ubuntu font.

Download our design resources

How to contribute

You can use our open-source design system to build any website or product. At Canonical we are always working to improve and update it.

Learn how to contribute to our design system