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Canonical and Ubuntu

Our brand values

We believe everyone has the right to a great computing experience — and we also believe it should be free. Ubuntu is the result of a growing community, working together to provide just that. As such, the Ubuntu brand embodies four values:


Ubuntu celebrates freedom. Freedom to choose, to change, to participate.


You can depend on Ubuntu. Like the people who make it, it is trustworthy and keeps its promises.


Ubuntu is crisp and clean in engineering and attitude. There is beauty in the precision of the process and product.


Working together is at the heart of Ubuntu. It is the essence of ’humanity towards others‘.

Our brand guidelines

Our values should be evident wherever Ubuntu is encountered, whether online or via traditional marketing material. If we follow these guidelines consistently, the brand will grow strong enough to attract people, encouraging them to look even more positively on the product itself.

These guidelines provide everything you need to create professional communication materials that will build the Ubuntu brand. To help ensure the continued success of Ubuntu, please use them.

Brand assets

Ubuntu logo


The logo is the most recognisable feature of any brand identity. The Ubuntu logo is striking and clear, and it represents the brand’s core values.

Colour palette

The vibrant Ubuntu colour palette was created and evolved to ensure that designs convey the correct meaning, while aligning to the brand colours.