Brand assets

The logo is the most recognisable feature of any brand identity. The Ubuntu logo is striking and clear, and it represents the brand’s core values.

Ubuntu logo ›

The Canonical logo is designed to echo the values of the brand, and work in harmony with the Ubuntu logo.

Canonical logo ›

The Ubuntu partner logos were created to communicate the link between the partner brand and Ubuntu in a clear and unobtrusive manner.

Ubuntu partner logos ›

The vibrant Ubuntu colour palette was created and evolved to ensure that designs convey the correct meaning, while aligning to the brand colours.

Colour palette ›

Our pictograms mirror the circular aspect of both the Ubuntu Circle of Friends and the Canonical logo. They are used to represent a word or an idea.

Pictograms ›

Screenshots are a quick way of showing users and visitors what our products look like. As such, it’s important to follow guidelines that create consistent screenshots to use on Ubuntu sites.

Screenshots ›

Product photography is a good way to help us visualise our products on real hardware. We have developed precise guidelines for creating new product photography.

Product photography ›

We’ve come full circle

Both of the Ubuntu and Canonical logos feature a roundel element as an integral part of their design. This circular idea has been extended into our pictograms and now into our photography too. This adds an ‘ownable’ feature to our communications and provides a subtle link back to the logo.

Circular inspiration

We feel that there are other ways to introduce circular elements into our communications and we encourage you to expand this idea. This could be type in a circle, dots in a circle, a circle punched out of dots or a circular element within a photograph.