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Ubuntu partner logos

Software, training and solution provider

Software, training and solution provider

Ubuntu orange


HEX #E95420


C0 M79 Y100 K0
Pantone 1665

Partner logo elements

Partner logo elements

Each partner logo consists of the stacked version of the Ubuntu brandmark, the ‘partner name’ set in Ubuntu Regular in a clean white panel, placed within a holding device ‘badge’.

Main Ubuntu Partner logos are supplied as artworks and should never be altered, distorted or re-created in any way.

Defining the exclusion zone

Exclusion zone

The Ubuntu partner logo must always have a clear area surrounding it, free from any other element.

To define this area, measure the width of the panel and use quarter this measure to create the boundary of clear space around the logo.

Minimum size

Minimum size

Partner logos must never be used at a width less than 12mm.

Creating Ubuntu partner logos

Step 1

Stage 1

Open the ‘create_partner_logo.eps’ file.

Step 2

Stage 2

Set the new partner name as follows:

Ubuntu Regular, upper and lowercase. Centred horizontally within the white panel. Baseline sits 81mm from the top of the badge.

Step 3

Stage 3

Select the correct colour from the Ubuntu palette.